Group Health Plans.

Group health plans are employer- or group-sponsored plans that provide healthcare to members and their families. The most common type of group health plan is group health insurance, which is health insurance extended to members, such as employees of a company or members of an organization.

What Are Group Health Insurance Benefits?

Group health insurance plans offer medical coverage to members of an organization or employees of a company. They may also provide supplemental health plans—such as dental, vision, and pharmacy—separately or as a bundle. Risk is spread across the insured population, which allows the insurer to charge low premiums. And members enjoy low-cost insurance, which protects them from unexpected costs arising from medical events.

Why Does My Business Need Group Health Insurance?

Positive work environment and happy employees. Employees that are happy are employees that work hard for the company. That is one of the more subjective or hidden advantages of group health insurance. When an employer offers this insurance to employees, they may get:

  • Employees who appreciate their insurance
  • Employees who care about their employer and their job
  • Employees who see that they can build a career at that company
  • Employees who feel valued and appreciated
  • Employees that want to make the company better for everyone.

All of those things are pretty important as advantages of group health insurance, and they can go a long way toward making employees and employers feel better about their working relationship. Of course having insurance will not solve all company or employee problems, but it can certainly go a long way toward making sure that employees and employers feel better about everything they have at a particular company.

Insurance is an important part of feeling safe and having peace of mind, and when employers provide that for employees, it most often does not go unnoticed by those employees.

What Sets Us Apart

Ascend Benefits provides clear, concise guidance to help your company retain its most valuable asset: your people.

We work together to navigate the benefits process step by step, combining technological solutions and a helpful, dedicated staff. Our goals are your goals: to retain your talent by providing them with the best benefit options while minding your budget.

It’s How We Do Things at Ascend: Simple. Comprehensive. All About You.

Welcome to Ascend Benefits a division of Snyder Insurance.  Here at Ascend Benefits, we offer health plans for individuals and a wide variety of benefit plans for businesses. 

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