How your choice in wellness programs affect your company's bottom line

How Your Choice of Wellness Program Affects Your Company’s Bottom Line

Harvard Business Review

While the efficacy of some wellness programs have been called into question, the Harvard Business Review discusses how some programs do pay for themselves. The ROI can be in your favor, but only if the program addresses and prevents chronic illness.

Save Your Health Care Dollars by Investing in Quality Wellness Programs


Thinking of investing in a wellness program for your employees but you’re unsure if it will make dollars and sense? Learn why the CEO of Bank of America has been investing heavily on workplace wellness programs.

HR challenges in 2017

HR Challenges in 2017

Xpert HR

We’re rounding first base on 2017, wondering what other HR challenges may lay ahead? The good folks at Xpert HR have laid out a few to watch for as the year unfolds.

Leveraging technology to improve access to healthcare

Leveraging Technology to Improve Access to Healthcare

Blue Cross Blue Shield Blog

Don’t have your medical card? There’s an app for that. Unsure of the medical results from a test you had two years ago? Chances are you can view those online as well. Blue Cross Blue Shield is leveraging technology to make your health care coverage more accessible to you.

It’s not just about medical paperwork, it’s also about visits to the Doctor. Making it to the doctor’s office can be a challenge for some — but telemedicine is changing that. Telemedicine uses technologies such as two-way video for remote diagnosis and patient monitoring over secure servers which allow for patients to send images to their doctors safely.


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