Voluntary Life.​

Voluntary life insurance is a financial protection plan that provides a cash benefit to a beneficiary upon the death of the insured. It’s an optional benefit offered by employers. The employee pays a monthly premium in exchange for the insurer’s guarantee of payment upon the insured’s death.

Wh0 Needs Voluntary Life Insurance?

Voluntary life insurance offered by employers is great for eligible employees who have pre-existing conditions, don’t have any other life insurance coverage, or need to supplement their existing coverage. Anyone who earns an income needs disability insurance. Life happens, and it’s the best way to protect your most valuable asset, your income.
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What Are Group Health Insurance Benefits?

Group health insurance plans offer medical coverage to members of an organization or employees of a company. They may also provide supplemental health plans—such as dental, vision, and pharmacy—separately or as a bundle. Risk is spread across the insured population, which allows the insurer to charge low premiums. And members enjoy low-cost insurance, which protects them from unexpected costs arising from medical events.

Why Do I Need Voluntary Life Insurance?

Buying life insurance isn’t something you do for yourself. You buy it for your family. If can help ease the financial stress that comes with someone close to you passing away. Whether that’s to pay for the funeral, pay bills, pay off the house, send your kids to college, life insurance can help ease those burdens.

What Sets Us Apart

Ascend Benefits works with the HR department and the beneficiaries to make sure paperwork is submitted correctly and in a timely manner. We understand that the beneficiary(ies) are going through a tough time, so we offer assistance whenever possible.

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